User Agreement

Terms of service: an agreement between you and to enter and use this website and services

Welcome to the website and services.

We hope you enjoy your use of our facilities. Please appreciate and understand that this is a legal world and that you, by not immediately leaving this website now or immediately after reading our terms of service are accepting our services under the terms of this agreement.

It is your obligation to keep yourself informed of any changes that may occur between visits, as using our services each time is under the condition that you accept all our terms and conditions. We may change our terms and conditions from time to time without expressly informing you. Services:

• Create, design, and customize products that are listed for sale.

• Buy products that are listed for sale

• Save and share designs that you may have created.

• Use our fun picture, text and design tools.

• Post your created images to social networks or blogs that you have the legal right to do so

• Registering to subscribe to special offers and use of galleries.

Intellectual Property Rights of and Third Parties

All materials, inlcuding clip art images, illustrations, icons, photographs and other materials that appear on are the property of or licenced from 3rd party vendors unless otherwise stated. All designs created using the text features and/or clip arts provided on out site are in no way the exclusive property of the customers or users who assemble such design. retains the right to display or offer such designs (or variations of) to other customers.

User Provided Artwork and Images
    Vivid Customs will not take responsibility for a customer who is infringing on a trademark, registered mark or copyright. We expect that all customers will not plagiarize or adopt any slogan or works that are not owned by them or are public domain. Any image, slogan, or likeliness recognized by a Vivid Customs employee as an illegal reproduction of any work will automatically be dismissed. When you, as a customer, create a design, you assume full responsibility for the consequence and repercussion of any illegal print.

Accuracy of Colors and Final Products

Products, graphics/artworks, text, placement or print area are digital representations. attempts to display product and print colors with as much accuracy as possible. Different monitor's display settings may display an image in slightly different color than printed, and all colors seen by the user are solely for reference. is not liable for any dissatisfaction in color variation for shirt, text, or graphic displayed in finsihed products purchased through us.

Payment Policies acccepts online or telephone payment via credit card or debit card. All payments sent electronically are securely trasmitted.

Returns-Cancellation Policies

Returns employs a great team of individuals who go to great lengths to ensure all orders are fulfilled accurately and are of the highest quality. There are no returns unless the customers are unsatisfied for one of the following reasons: 
    a. the quality of the print or embroidery is below the standard industry quality 
    b. the blank items are defected/flawed
    c. there's a printing error where the design differs from the design approved
In that case we will be happy to reprint the order or give you a full refund on your purchase. For any product service questions please contact a customer service representative before placing an online order.

Free Standard Delivery Orders: You may change or cancel your order within twenty four (24) hours of placing your order.
Rush Orders: To ensure on time delivery, production starts as soon as the order comes in therefore you may not change or cancel the order.